Electrostatic Disinfection Services Menlo Park

Have confidence in your environment with Menlo Park high touch disinfection from UCS

Like businesses and communities around the world, Menlo Park is on a journey back to relative normality after recent events. Part of that is making sure that everyone, both employees and visitors, feel comfortable and safe out in public and shared spaces again. There is a lot involved with this process, and deep cleaning to remove any contamination from every service is part of that, but once people begin using these spaces again, more is needed.

Frequently used areas are often known as high touch surfaces, and it is high touch disinfection in Menlo Park from UCS that can help maintain the required hygiene standards even while the building is in use. This process focusses on specific surfaces that a lot of people will touch and interact with, including door handles, lift controls, bathrooms, kitchen areas, reception desks and so on.

These are areas where transmission is most likely to occur, and by combining this focus with new technologies such as electrostatic disinfection services in Menlo Park, provides a very effective approach to keeping buildings contaminant free even during use. The added advantage in terms of brand image is that Menlo Park high touch disinfection occurs throughout the day, and as such is a visible indication of the efforts being carried out to maintain user safety.
As janitorial specialists, UCS have been building new strategies to deal with the pandemic since it began, embracing new approaches such as Menlo Park electrostatic disinfection services is part of that. Combining this new approach with a focus on high touch areas to create an effective ongoing maintenance solution is just one of the ways we are helping businesses create the right environment for customers, visitors and employees today.

Fast effective deep cleaning with electrostatic disinfection services in Menlo Park from UCS

One of the challenges with dealing with something like a virus or other disease is that they can remain dormant on surfaces for some time, then infect someone who inadvertently pick them up. That means surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, reaching every last inch with disinfectant to ensure there is no organisms left. This is significantly harder than it first appears, especially with complex shapes and contours, where even a small crack can be a hiding place for something.

By adopting this new approach, our Menlo Park electrostatic disinfection services overcome this problem. Our specialized equipment provides an electrical charge to the disinfectant that causes it to be attracted to the surface it is aimed at. The liquid disinfectant forms a layer across the entire surface, covering everything, even the tiniest crack, to ensure that every virus or other organism on the surface is killed. Because it does this automatically, it is also a much faster strategy for deep cleaning the surface too, helping to keep costs under control for these increased cleaning needs.

By combining the electrostatic disinfection services in Menlo Park with our other proven approaches to maintaining clean, safe environments, UCS can offer the complete solution for preparing and maintaining any workspace. Menlo Park high touch disinfection using this technology is incredibly effective, and as always delivered with the same attention to detail that UCS is known for.

With our high touch disinfection in Menlo Park UCS have created the perfect response to maintain buildings and build customer confidence. Delivered by our trained teams with experienced management oversight of everything we do, our comprehensive service allows you to focus resources on the daily challenges your business faces in these challenging times, while as cleaning specialists, we take care of your workspace.