Electrostatic Disinfection Services Pleasanton

Creating the safest building environments with UCS high touch disinfection in Pleasanton

Pleasanton has been voted as one of the best places to live in the country, with many leaders in their industries citing headquarters in the city being a testament to that. Maintaining that wonderful sense of community and environment takes work of course, and for businesses trying to bring a sense of normality back after then pandemic, the same is true of their buildings and workspaces.

Deep cleaning to remove any germs, viruses and other contaminants is an essential part of this process, and electrostatic disinfection services in Pleasanton are key to that, but there is another issue. Once the building opens to users, who touch surfaces and leave particles behind, it only takes a single person carrying an infection, not just Covid-19 but any germ or virus, to leave traces that can be picked up by others.

This potential transmission is most likely in frequently used areas, such as door handles, bathroom areas and so on, and this is where Pleasanton high touch disinfection comes in. Focusing on these frequently used areas, high touch disinfection in Pleasanton provides continual cleaning throughout the day to prevent contamination build up, keeping the building safe even after users enter the building.

Not only is this a superb and highly effective approach to providing the ongoing cleaning that buildings need, but it is an easily seen cleaning solution that instills both employees and customers with confidence. When combined with the latest cleaning technology, such as electrostatic disinfection services in Pleasanton, this provides a comprehensive approach to janitorial needs that delivers exceptional results and boosts brand reputation at the same time.

By providing this combination of Pleasanton high touch disinfection backed up by the latest cleaning technology and fully trained, experienced teams, UCS can deliver an exceptional janitorial solution for businesses of all sizes. Combining quality services and exceptional value, these budget friendly janitorial services deliver for every business, building and user.

Virus-free environments thanks to Pleasanton electrostatic disinfection services from UCS

The challenges of the pandemic have meant that traditional janitorial services need to be supplemented with specific cleaning solutions to combat a virus that can remain dormant but dangerous for days or weeks on surfaces. Electrostatic disinfection services in Pleasanton use the latest technology to accomplish this faster and more effectively than other approaches.

Because viruses and other contaminants can live in even the smallest crack or crevice in a surface, using disinfectant to kill those contaminants is only completely effective if you can ensure every part of a surface is treated. In a more traditional approach, that is time consuming and challenging for operators, however, with Pleasanton electrostatic services from UCS things are different.

Using specialized sprayers, an electrical charge is applied to the disinfectant as it is sprayed, causing it to be attracted to the surface it is being sprayed on. This attraction causes the chemical to form a thin layer across the entire surface, importantly, covering everything and neutralizing any germs, viruses and other organisms. Because this happens during the spray without the operator doing any more, it means surfaces can be completely cleaned much more quickly.

When combined with Pleasanton high touch disinfection, this approach delivers exceptional cleaning that inspires confidence for all building users. UCS can deliver these high-quality janitorial services and more for businesses of all sizes, helping to maintain safe, hygienic buildings that are comfortable for employees, customers and visitors to use at all times.