Electrostatic Disinfection Services Sacramento

Take control of your business environment for covid-safe operation with high touch disinfection in Sacramento from UCS

With its excellent communications links, vibrant and welcoming appeal and retaining a local, small town feel that people love, Sacramento has long been a great choice for starting a business. From attracting the best employees to having the peaceful, business friendly environment, whether a small local business or an international office, Sacramento has it all.

But like the rest of the country, and the world, the appearance of Covid-19 and the subsequent pandemic have changed how we live and work, and to maintain employee safety and the confidence of customers and clients, every business needs to take every measure to ensure that their premises remain covid-safe. With a comprehensive Sacramento electrostatic disinfection service, UCS uses the latest technology to offer the deep, effective cleaning to prepare any work environment for safe use, along with a range of high touch disinfection services in Sacramento that maintain that cleanliness for all.

With UCS’s comprehensive electrostatic disinfection Sacramento businesses can provide the covid-safe spaces for employees and customers alike

As we deal with the consequences of the pandemic and the need to maintain higher standards of cleanliness, especially in frequently used areas, janitorial services have become an important aspect of brand reputation. It is not just the need for disinfection to prevent virus transmission that makes effective high touch disinfection in Sacramento important for business, but because customers and clients are far more aware of the need for cleanliness now, a visible response provides peace of mind and improves perceptions of the business too.

UCS provides a complete range of janitorial services for both deep cleaning and ongoing maintenance to create a virus-free environment for all within your building. Using the latest technologies, we are able to deliver exceptional performance while minimizing disruption, with our electrostatic disinfection in Sacramento a state-of-the-art service designed to meet your needs and deliver confidence for consumers and employees alike.
This process electrically charges the disinfectant as it is applied, causing it to be pulled to the surface in a thin, even layer that reaches into every crevice. In turn, this means the very highest standards of disinfecting performance, eliminating bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from every surface. Quick and safe, this approach is perfect for deep cleaning your business workspace, and they should be part of an ongoing strategy to ensure clean environments.

However, disinfection, even the comprehensive Sacramento electrostatic disinfection offered by UCS, is not permanent. Regular cleansing is the only way to maintain those high standards, but some areas need even more. If we think about how any interior space is used, some surfaces are much more prone to transmit problems because they are used by so many people. An example of this would be door handles, but kitchen areas, reception desks and so on are also used by multiple people each day, and they are often referred to as high touch areas. These require a more pro-active approach, and for that UCS has a range of Sacramento high touch disinfection services that [provide the regular and ongoing cleaning of those shared surfaces. This is highly effective, but also provides a visible response to covid-19 that inspired confidence from employee, customers and anyone visiting your building.

With UCS as your cleaning partner, you can be sure that your covid safety measures are both effective and affordable. They deliver a proven, reliable service that offers a robust solution for maintaining hygiene standards across your workspace, taking on the challenges of a post-pandemic world with budget-friendly turnkey services you can trust.