Electrostatic Disinfection Services Davis

Electrostatic disinfection in Davis from UCS delivers comprehensive cleaning and covid safety in your workspace

Like many communities in the region, Davis grew alongside the railroad that brought people to the area, and it has been a home to entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds since forming in 1867. Today the city is an educational center, with a huge university campus at the heart of the community. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact, just as it has around the world, and for businesses in Davis electrostatic disinfection is a new approach to building maintenance that creates the covid safe spaces that customers and employees need.

We are all aware of the importance of cleanliness where Covid is concerned, as a virus it can lie in wait on surfaces for days until someone touches it and picks it up unknowingly. Thorough disinfection is essential in removing all traces of viruses and bacteria from a surface. The problem is, even the tiniest crack or crevice can be a safe haven for contaminants, and until now it has been incredibly difficult and time consuming to ensure every surface is covered completely. However, with electrostatic disinfection in Davis, UCS brings a fast, effective way to ensure every inch of a surface is cleaned.

As chemical is sprayed, it is given an electrical charge that causes it to be pulled to the surface, forming a thin layer that contacts every inch, ensuring complete removal of viruses and bacteria. UCS teams have the specialized equipment and training necessary to ensure this is carried out safely and quickly, getting great results while minimizing disruption. Of course, an effective covid safe strategy also needs to focus on what happens once employees and visitors return to the building, and for businesses in Davis high touch disinfection, that focuses on the most used areas such as door handles, bathrooms and so on, should be an additional cleaning regime carried out throughout the working day.

With high touch disinfection in Davis, keep your employees and customers safe throughout the day

Having a completely sanitized building with every surface virus free is essential for businesses to gain the confidence of employees and customers alike. But as soon as people return, they bring their viruses, bacteria and so on with them. These are deposited on everything they touch, and in high traffic areas, that can quickly lead to high deposits of contaminants that others pick up and transmit. To combat this, regular cleaning of these most used areas is required, and for businesses in Davis high touch disinfection from UCS is the turnkey solution you need.

Regular cleaning during the day ensures these potential transmission areas, such as entrances, bathrooms and so on, as well as all commonly used surfaces such as door handles, are sanitized, preventing a large buildup of problem contaminants. Because this process is carried out during the day, high touch disinfection in Davis is also a great way to boost confidence for those using your building. They can see the attention to detail in your safety strategy, boosting your brand image and giving peace of mind to employees.

Combining this kind of regular cleaning alongside specialized electrostatic disinfection in Davis creates a complete strategy for maintaining quality, safe environments for your team and your customers and visitors. UCS can provide an entire turnkey solution that covers every aspect of this process, providing the trained staff, specialized equipment and oversight to ensure the highest standards are maintained at all times. We take care of your building, giving you the time to focus on business growth.