Team Quality

UCS was founded on the belief that quality work and open communication is the key to true customer satisfaction. It is the service management team that makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. At UCS, we put the customer into the equation to allow you to tailor our janitorial services to suit your needs.

UCS has developed a proprietary approach to quality assurance known as the Team Effort Account Management, or TEAM approach. The TEAM approach is not a separate quality assurance “program.” Rather, the TEAM approach is a unified business model that integrates and focuses all our efforts throughout the company on providing the highest quality in everything we do. How does it work?

UCS creates a cross-functional account team to manage each customer. In addition to the cleaning staff assigned to your business, UCS assigns a Customer Support Manager, a Quality Assurance Manager, and an Operations Manager who are all actively involved in the day-to-day management of your account.

All members of your management team use electronic messaging and a custom-designed software program to track customer issues and activities, including:

  • Inspections of janitorial services, carpet cleaning & building maintenance
  • Service adjustments
  • Customer requests
  • Work orders for carpet cleaning, building maintenance or janitorial services
  • Requisition slips
  • Janitorial services quality assurance

We pride ourselves on our unrelenting commitment to quality and customer service. Top management will routinely inspect your facility to ensure that the level of work performed meets or exceeds our high standards as well as yours.

For more information, click here to go to the TEAM Quality section of our FAQ.

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