Electrostatic Disinfection Services Elk Grove

Specialized Elk Grove electrostatic disinfection from UCS delivers safe environments for your employees and customers

For businesses in Elk Grove the Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges. With its strong transport links and vibrant economy, the area has been a great place to launch and build successful businesses, but like the rest of the country, and the world, the virus has changed how business operates. It has also changed both employee and customer expectations too, and with government and state guidance also reflecting the need for more specialized maintenance of business spaces, UCS provides comprehensive Elk Grove electrostatic disinfection services to ensure you have access to the support you need.

While many businesses prefer to keep janitorial services in house, the need for these specialized solutions provide new challenges, and costs, that few have the internal knowledge to meet. By leveraging the expertise and processes developed by UCS, any business can have in place a system to maintain high touch disinfection in Elk Grove without having to invest in new equipment, training and the ongoing safety challenges for storing and using disinfectant materials. While UCS takes care of disinfecting your workspace, your team are not distracted by these new demands.

For effective high touch disinfection Elk Grove businesses can rely on, UCS are here to help

Cleanliness is always important, and a well-maintained building that is cleaned daily not only gives visitors a great impression of your business, but it is shown to improve employee productivity and boost team morale. However, with the appearance of Covid-19, creating a safe, confidence inspiring workplace is more challenging. Both government and state recommendations include a range of deep cleaning guidelines, with disinfection being particularly important in areas that see frequent touch by multiple people, such as doors, receptions, kitchen areas and so on. For businesses in Elk Grove high touch disinfection services provided by UCS are a visible and effective way to show that you take your pandemic response seriously.

As cleaning experts, UCS are able to provide the very latest, effective solutions for any workspace, with our electrostatic disinfection in Elk Grove an exceptional solution for maintaining Covid-19 safe environments for employees, customers and all visitors. This approach gives the disinfectant material a negative charge as it is sprayed, causing it to be attracted to the surface, forming a thin, even layer covering the entire object. For items like door handles and other intricate designs, or worksurfaces and desks where small areas can easily be missed, this is essential in ensuring every inch of your workspace receives the required disinfectant.

Quiet and effective, it also drastically reduces the time needed for complete disinfection, making UCS the budget friendly Elk Grove electrostatic disinfection choice for any business. Because UCS handle everything, from employee training to the appropriate handling of disinfectant chemicals, as well as the relevant equipment and management of the service, you enjoy the attention to detail and trusted service of an internal solution without the investment and management headaches that usually come with it.

While electrostatic disinfection is essential for every surface in your building when it comes to a total deep clean, it is also required for other cleaning processes too. Disinfection is not permanent, and while it is every effective, areas where multiple people frequently use surfaces require ongoing maintenance to provide the safe space your employees and customers expect. Called high touch zones, these include things like door handles, where countless different people could use them every day, bathrooms, kitchen areas and so on. In these areas, there is a need for ongoing high touch disinfection in Elk Grove to allow businesses to operate safely.

UCS can provide this along with a wide range of Covid-safe disinfection services and the full complement of janitorial solutions to cover the day to day needs of your business. With a reliable electrostatic disinfection service in Elk Grove and regular maintenance to maintain Covid-safe operation, your business can take on the new challenges brought on by the pandemic with confidence.