Electrostatic Disinfection Services Fairfield

Take control of a covid safe environment with high touch disinfection in Fairfield from UCS

Sitting right between Sacramento and San Francisco, Fairfield is a town full of history and opportunity. Home to a major airbase and several multinational organizations, businesses can enjoy a quality environment that employees find is a wonderful place to live and work. Today, Covid-19 has changed what employees and customers expect from businesses, and as a result having appropriate solutions like electrostatic disinfection in Fairfield have become essential in maintaining customer confidence and employee trust.

From deep cleaning that removes all virus and bacteria from the surfaces in your building, janitorial services need to offer more in response to the pandemic. Regular maintenance of areas is essential to minimize the chance of transmission, and that for businesses in Fairfield high touch disinfection is an effective and visible approach that boosts both hygiene and business reputation.

Having that covid strategy in place is important, not just from a safety point of view, but for your business as a whole. Employees have more confidence when they can see the strategy in action, customers trust brand more, and your leadership team can focus on business growth and overcoming the challenges that the pandemic has presented.

UCS electrostatic disinfection in Fairfield provides the covid safe, virus free space your business needs

For businesses emerging from the effects of the pandemic, there are two groups they must offer a safe environment for. Employees and customers. With such a well-publicized story like Covid-19, effective treatment is essential to build trust, as most people are aware of the steps required. Disinfection is essential in creating a virus free environment, however traditional approaches are time consuming and difficult to be 100% effective. Luckily, technology has adapted, and for businesses in Fairfield electrostatic disinfection offers a fast, effective and efficient solution.

This works by electrically charging the specialized disinfectant chemical as it is applied to a surface, causing it to form a thin, even film across the entire surface to ensure nothing is missed. Eliminating viruses, bacteria and other contaminates, this approach provides the foundation of cleanliness that builds trust and confidence that the space is safe. While that is a fantastic starting point, other janitorial services are needed too, including high touch disinfection in Fairfield to maintain the high level of cleanliness.

While electrostatic disinfection in Fairfield is ideal as a regular deep clean, it is not the solution for dealing with ongoing cleaning. As soon as employees and customers begin using the business again, areas of high traffic, known as high touch, begin to become contaminated from so many people touching or using the area. This includes things like door handles, kitchen areas, reception and so on, and requires regular high touch disinfection in Fairfield to maintain high standards of cleanliness.

This aspect of your Covid strategy is particularly important, as it not only keeps the safe environment your building needs, but it gives a visible sign of the measures in place, which boosts customer confidence and improved brand perception too. Of course, to create a janitorial solution that creates as safe an environment as possible, businesses need both the deep cleaning approach and the additional cleaning throughout the day. With UCS, both high touch and electrostatic disinfection in Fairfield can be included in your strategy, allowing you to take full control of creating a Covid safe environment, supported by our experienced, trained team.

When it comes to creating the safe environment your business needs, UCS are here to help every step of the way, with a complete turnkey service you can trust to deliver the highest standards in everything we do.