Electrostatic Disinfection Services Granite Bay

A covid safe workplace is within reach with electrostatic disinfection in Granite Bay from UCS

Granite Bay brings the business benefits of Sacramento, a major economic center for the region, and combines that with the small town feel of a residential suburb, somewhere to feel safe and secure, a great place to raise a family and enjoy life. For businesses in the area, it has everything, but like the rest of the country and even the world, has taken time to adapt to the issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is ensuring that buildings are thoroughly cleaned and free of viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. Not just because it is essential for our health, but because we are all so much more aware of the dangers of transmission today, any business needs to have measures in pace to give customers and employees confidence in using their building. This means deep cleaning, and there are several new approaches to ensure that surfaces are adequately cleaned. For businesses in Granite Bay electrostatic disinfection from UCS is an option. This approach uses technology and chemicals to ensure a surface is completely clean and free of viruses.

But to be Covid safe requires more than just a deep clean. It means regular cleaning of high traffic areas to ensure viruses and so on do not build up and pass on to other uses. UCS high touch disinfection in Granite Bay deals with this, providing regular cleaning for things like door handles, kitchen and bathroom areas to maintain safety. Where janitorial services were one often an afterthought, today this specialized cleaning approach is essential for your business.

With regular high touch disinfection in Granite Bay, UCS help you maintain a safe workspace for everyone

Deep cleaning of a building, such as the electrostatic disinfection in Granite Bay UCS provides, gives you the base of hygiene to work from. However as soon as your employees and customers begin using the space regularly, they bring in more contaminants and leave them around to be spread to others. This most commonly happens in areas of high usage, such as door handles, reception seats and tables, kitchen areas, bathroom areas, lifts and so on.

To prevent build up of all kinds of contaminants during the day in these high touch areas, UCS are able to offer a comprehensive cleaning option. Granite Bay high touch disinfection delivers regular, dedicated cleaning services that cover these specific areas throughout the day to keep them clean. This is important for hygiene of course, but also offers a visible aspect of your covid measures that gives your customers confidence in what you are doing. This can in turn increase brand loyalty and improve brand image.

As janitorial experts, we have the dedicated equipment needed and trained onsite teams to deliver the exceptional performance your business needs. Our Granite Bay electrostatic disinfection uses dedicated equipment that adds an electrical charge to the chemical as it is applied to a surface, causing it to spread and cling to every inch for superb disinfection, removing viruses, bacteria and more completely.

When combined with other UCS solutions for creating a virus free building environment, you have the complete, turnkey Covid response that you need. From the specialized deep cleaning to the visible and highly effective high touch disinfection in Granite Bay, UCS is here to help your business develop an effective regime of cleanliness to ensure your building environment is safe for everyone. Whatever your situation, for employees, customers and visitors, having the safe space you can have full confidence in is a crucial part of moving on from the pandemic, and with a turnkey solution here, it has never been easier.