Electrostatic Disinfection Services Lincoln

Have confidence in your workspace with electrostatic disinfection in Lincoln from UCS

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Lincoln has come a long way since its inception in 1859. An original railway town and terminus of the northern part of the Californian Central Railroad for a while, the city had to reinvent itself after the line extended and the railway business moved with it. That ability to reinvent, find new approaches is central to the appeal of Lincoln and why it has always been an excellent place for business to prosper.

Today is no different, growing fast as a great place to live and work, it has everything entrepreneurs and startups need. But like the rest of the country and the world, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live and work, and that has had an impact on businesses across the city too. Being prepared for covid, creating safe environments for employees and customers is crucial for businesses to find success in this new world. That means a new approach to janitorial services, with specialized solutions such as electrostatic disinfection in Lincoln being key to that covid safe workspace.

It takes more than deep cleaning to keep a building safe from transmission though. As soon as you allow people back in numbers, then high traffic areas such as receptions, bathrooms and, employee kitchen areas become a risk for transmission between users. Regular cleaning of these areas, known as high touch disinfection in Lincoln, helps avoid the buildup of contaminants including viruses and lowers the risk of transmission between users, not just of Covid-19 but of all kinds of bacteria, viruses and, other problems. This is an essential component of any covid safety solution businesses implement. UCS has turnkey options to deliver not just the deep cleaning required, but the regular cleaning of key areas to protect your team and your customers.

Maintain a safe workspace for all with Lincoln high touch disinfection that keeps those key areas free from contaminants

Deep cleaning is an essential aspect of preparing your business for both employees and customers, however, in terms of keeping a covid safe space in your building and showing how important you value safety, it is the high touch disinfection in Lincoln that arguably has more impact. Whether door handles, bathroom areas or, other commonly used spaces, effective and regular cleaning through this service ensures that any buildup of contaminants is minimized and that there is a visible reminder of the work being done to keep everyone safe.

These new initiatives are key to keeping a safe working environment and a place customers feel confident, and with these new cleaning, processes are more specialized techniques that are effective at dealing with viruses, bacteria and, so on. For businesses in Lincoln electrostatic disinfection is a safe, fast and effective approach to creating that sterile workspace. Using dedicated equipment, this process places an electrical charge within the chemicals as they are applied to a surface. This causes the disinfectant to be drawn to the surface, forming a thin layer that covers the entire surface and maximizes cleaning effectiveness. Removing viruses and bacteria leaves surfaces deeply cleaned and ready for use.

Combining the deep cleaning of electrostatic disinfection in Lincoln with the ongoing maintenance that Lincoln high touch disinfection represents gives a complete, visible and, highly effective approach to building cleanliness. UCS provides the trained teams, equipment, and materials required to deliver this turnkey solution, taking care of the entire process with budget-friendly pricing. With UCS, you can enjoy a covid safe janitorial solution that delivers for your business, leaving you free to focus on business growth in these challenging times.