Electrostatic Disinfection Services Livermore

Ensuring virus free safety with UCS electrostatic disinfection services in Livermore

Renowned for the work in the national laboratory found in the city, Livermore has always been driven by innovation. But as with all communities, recent events have brough a new set of challenges to overcome, and businesses across the city are seeking new approaches to deliver the safe, hygienic environments that employees and customers can trust.

By employing the dedicated Livermore electrostatic disinfection services from UCS, every surface can be treated effectively, efficiently and economically. Using the latest in innovation, this process places an electrical charge into the chemical disinfectant as it is sprayed onto a surface. This causes the disinfectant to be attracted to the surface, forming a thin but complete layer that covers every part of the target surface. This not only speeds up the cleaning process, but ensures that each surface is perfectly disinfected, leaving no gaps where viruses and other contaminants can hide untouched.

Through these electrostatic disinfection services in Livermore then, UCS teams can quickly establish a high level of hygiene throughout a building. It can be used on all surfaces and delivers the deep cleaning performance that provides the safety that work environments and shared spaces need today. When used in tandem with high touch disinfection in Livermore, targeting the frequently used areas of a building once users enter, this is a comprehensive solution to deliver safety and peace of mind for everyone who enters the space.

With hygiene a key aspect of people’s thoughts, even influencing consumer choices and brand reputations, this kind of provision is also a commercially sensible approach, but it does require a holistic view of cleanliness for all surfaces. An initial deep clean is essential, but once that is done, the building doesn’t stay hygienic by itself. As soon as users, be they employees, visitors or customers enter the building and begin touching surfaces and using spaces, the potential for new contamination is introduced. This needs an additional strategy.

With high touch disinfection in Livermore from UCS, every building can stay safe throughout the day

With a building open for business, some areas are more vulnerable to contamination than others. Areas that are frequently interacted with, such as door handles, lift controls, bathroom areas and for employees, desks and kitchen spaces, can be a source of problems. Livermore high touch disinfection solutions focus on these frequently used surfaces, providing regular cleaning throughout the day to maintain appropriate hygiene levels.

As people touch any surface, they leave behind particles that can contain viruses and other contaminants. If that surface is touched by another, those particles can be picked up on the hands and find their way into the body when the hand touches the face or during eating and so on. This is primarily how viruses and diseases spread within offices and other buildings, but high touch disinfection in Livermore is designed to stop this through cleaning of surfaces before others pick up the contaminant.

When combined with technical solutions such as Livermore electrostatic disinfection services, the combination will keep all surfaces hygienic even during use. Importantly, high touch disinfection in Livermore is also a very visible service that inspires confidence in employees and customers. It lets them know that any business takes their safety seriously, and they are working constantly to maintain the hygienic environment everyone in the building deserves.