Electrostatic Disinfection Services Loomis

Enjoy the highest standards of hygiene and covid safe confidence with electrostatic disinfection in Loomis from UCS

While relatively young as an incorporated town, becoming official in 1984, Loomis has a long history stretching back to the first post office in the area in 1861. Much has changed over the years, but throughout this is a community that has always pushed boundaries and welcomed innovation. That applies to the businesses too, and like everywhere else, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected those in Loomis and brought several new challenges that need to be dealt with.

Today, maintaining a hygienic workspace for employees and providing a clean environment that gives customers confidence is crucial for success. For many businesses rebuilding after the economic cost of a pandemic that impacted almost every aspect of life, deep cleaning every part of the building and workspace is essential. With new challenges come new solutions, and one of those is effective cleaning from UCS. For businesses in Loomis electrostatic disinfection is the perfect approach. Its highly effective, can be completed quickly and offers great value for already stretched budgets.

This, along with the necessary high touch disinfection in Loomis that provides the ongoing maintenance of workspaces that business needs, is key to having a covid safe work environment. Electrostatic disinfection in Loomis is a process that electrically charges the disinfectant chemical as it is applied,causing it to be drawn into a thin layer that covers every inch of any surface, down to the tiniest crevice. What this accomplishes is incredibly effective cleaning, eliminating viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. It also reduces material waste too, making it more efficient when deep cleaning. This kind of sanitization is essential in creating a safe environment and a base level of cleanliness for all hygiene maintenance that follows.

Keep control of problem areas with high touch disinfection in Loomis from UCS

While getting that initial deep cleaning right is crucial, because to maintain a covid safe environment you need it to start free of viruses, bacteria and so on, that is not the only challenge facing businesses in creating a covid response. As soon as people enter a building, areas where lots of people pass through or use, such as entrances, bathrooms, kitchen areas, including surfaces such as door handles and so on, become possible transmission areas.

Cleaning these areas, known as high touch disinfection in Loomis, is key to keeping your business safe. UCS achieves this through constant upkeep throughout the day, offering businesses in Loomis high touch disinfection solutions that are not only great for maintaining hygiene, but let your customers and employees see the measures you are taking to keep them safe. This builds confidence in your commitment to safety and boosts brand image, benefitting your business long term.

As with electrostatic disinfection in Loomis, implementation of this regular cleaning requires trained staff and specialized equipment and materials. This is the core of the challenge facing businesses in implementing new processes for building safety, as few have the in-house skills to deliver oversight and skills to accomplish these tasks effectively. With the urgency that such measures are needed, the cost of training and investment required in equipment, such initiatives can seem out of reach for businesses of all sizes.

However, with UCS turnkey solutions providing trained teams, essential equipment and management oversight to ensure standards are maintained throughout, there is an alternative. UCScleaning services fit into business budgets and can be seamlessly integrated into building maintenance solutions quickly and effectively. With UCS, you can have the covid safe environment you need, from deep cleaning to ongoing maintenance, with a reliable and effective team ensuring that hygiene is maintained at all times.