Electrostatic Disinfection Services Los Altos

Creating safe, hygienic interior spaces with Los Altos electrostatic disinfection services from UCS

The pandemic changes much of how we live and work, at least temporarily, but as normality returns one thing definitely remains. Our awareness of the importance of hygiene, especially in shared spaces, is here to stay. In Los Altos, for employees and customers alike clean, safe environments are key to having confidence in returning to work and normal routines. This requires a new approach to janitorial work, one that reflects the challenges now being faced, and electrostatic disinfection services in Los Altos is one such strategy.

One of the biggest challenges in ridding a building of viruses and other contaminants is that they can lie dormant for long periods, on a wide variety of surfaces. This means that each surface must be thoroughly cleaned, not just once, but with areas where people frequently use, many times during the day. It is critical that the high touch disinfection process needs to be effective because missing any part of the surface can leave contaminants behind.

Los Altos electrostatic disinfection services can be relied upon, achieving a deep cleansing using a combination of quality materials, the latest equipment and well-trained staff. As the disinfectant is sprayed onto a surface, it is given an electrical charge that causes it to be attracted to the surface itself. This electrical attraction forms a thin layer of disinfectant that spreads to cover the entire surface, automatically. This ensures every piece of a surface is covered for maximum safety and cleaning performance, and it also speeds up the process.

Applying these superior cleaning processes, UCS can deliver state-of-the-art quality cleaning with their electrostatic disinfection services, without compromising performance. This ensures that from the initial deep clean, right through to the high touch disinfection, city buildings can keep frequently used areas safe for users, and the hygiene of the buildings can be economically and effectively maintained.

Be proactive with your pandemic response with UCS high touch disinfection in Los Altos

With hygiene awareness at an all-time high, keeping buildings clean and safe is essential for every business in Los Altos. While deep cleaning and disinfection can do this, it is only part of the challenge, because as soon as users enter the building and start interacting with surfaces, lift controls, bathroom surfaces and so on, then the chance of contamination increases.

The most vulnerable of these areas are those used frequently. This includes door handles, kitchen areas for employees, bathrooms, lift controls, reception desks and so on. These frequently used areas are often called high touch surfaces, and once a building is in use, high touch disinfection is key to preventing a buildup of contamination.

What happens without regular cleaning is that every user that touches, for instance, the door handle at the building entrance, will leave a little residue behind. The next user that touches the handle also leaves residue, but my also pick up some residue from a previous user. All it takes is one person who is infected by a virus or other disease, whether Covid, Flu or anything else, to deposit some of those organisms on the handle, and dozens of users that follow can be contaminated from a single door handle.

High touch disinfection in Los Altos combats this scenario by providing regular cleaning throughout the day, in these key areas. When combined with Los Altos electrostatic disinfection services, it delivers highly effective, fast cleaning that prevents the buildup of such contaminants and keeps employees and building users safe.

In addition, as a cleaning strategy that is very visible to all building users, it gives confidence to consumers too, boosting brand image as a Los Altos business that takes customer safety seriously. With more consumers looking to businesses to show they are serious about hygiene, it is an excellent investment in the brand, as well as highly effective in practice.