Electrostatic Disinfection Services Palo Alto

With electrostatic disinfection services in Palo Alto from UCS, have confidence in the safety of your building

From its early beginnings as a key settlement at the beginnings of modern California, to its place today as a major city in the Silicon Valley success story, Palo Alto has been a community built on excellence. However, as the Covid pandemic spread around the world, businesses in the area have faced new challenges unlike anything they have faced before.

With the general public more aware than ever of the need for cleanliness in shared spaces, and understanding how germs and viruses spread, having an established approach for maintaining hygiene within a building is not just essential for public health, but boosts brand image too. With consumers actively looking for businesses who are taking responsibility for maintaining safe environments, having Palo Alto electrostatic disinfection services is essential for businesses of all sizes.

This process uses the latest in cleaning technology to ensure that every surface is treated effectively to nullify any viruses or other organisms. Traditionally, disinfectant is applied through a spray, with the operator needing to spend time on each surface trying to ensure every inch is covered. This is especially important with viruses, which can survive for days on a surface and remain hidden in even the tiniest of cracks, ready to infect another person if they happen to pick it up from the surface unknowingly. With Palo Alto electrostatic disinfection services, an electrical charge is applied to the disinfectant that causes it to be attracted onto the surface, spreading out in an even layer that covers everything automatically.

This saves time and ensures nothing is missed, and when combined with Palo Alto high touch disinfection, provides a complete solution for in-building safety. With this approach, any business can have the safe, fully maintained environment that gives all building users confidence. This can increase productivity in employees and improve sales from consumers.

Keeping you safe with UCS high touch disinfection in Palo Alto

While deep cleaning with electrostatic disinfection services in Palo Alto provide a completely virus free environment for staff and consumers to enter, as soon as people begin using the building, new opportunities for transmission appear. This is where Palo Alto high touch disinfection comes in, providing a cleaning strategy to maintain hygiene levels as the building is used.

The problem businesses face is that once a building is open and users begin touching surfaces and so on, all it takes is one infected person, who may not show any symptoms, and they can leave virus or other organisms on surfaces all over the building. Other users will then pick these up from those surfaces without realizing, spreading the problem extremely quickly.

This is most commonly an issue in areas of high use, where multiple people will touch or interact with a surface during the day. Think about areas that almost all users will touch, door handles, bathrooms, lift controls and so on. It is these areas that high touch disinfection in Palo Alto focus on. By providing ongoing cleaning throughout the day, this process prevents germ and virus buildup, maintaining safety. When combined with Palo Alto electrostatic disinfection services it is the complete building hygiene solution.

As a clear and visible activity, Palo Alto high touch disinfection is also a great confidence boost to all building users, helping to put customers at ease and allow employees to build trust in the new working conditions. With UCS janitorial solutions, businesses of all sizes can have the effective, affordable cleaning approach that makes all the difference.