Electrostatic Disinfection Services Redwood City

Creating the safest workspaces for all with Redwood City electrostatic disinfection services from UCS

Commerce has driven the community in Redwood City since its formation, and while the industries have changed from lumber sales to high-tech and digital products over the years, it remains a city built on market leading businesses today. But like businesses of every size all over the world, those in Redwood City are no facing new challenges, as they look to instill confidence in employees and customers alike that buildings are safe to return to as we emerge slowly from the pandemic.

These new challenges mean significant pressure on janitorial services, requiring new approaches to ensure surfaces are virus free and safe for all building users. One of those technologies is electrostatic disinfection services in Redwood City, which provide exceptional cleaning to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.

One of the issue with tackling viruses and other organisms that cause diseases is that they can survive dormant on surfaces for extended periods, just waiting to be picked up on someone’s fingers or hand and find their way into the body. Because they are so small, if cleaning leaves even the tiniest area untreated, the virus can survive on there long enough to be transmitted. But ensuring every square inch of every surface is completely disinfected is also a huge, time-consuming challenge in itself.

That is where Redwood City electrostatic disinfection services come in. The disinfectant is applied through specialized equipment that give sit an electrical charge as it is sprayed. This causes the liquid to be attracted to the surface, automatically forming a thin, complete layer covering the entire surface. This not only ensures all viruses and other contaminants are neutralized on every surface, but it drastically speeds up the process, making it more practical and cost effective.

When combined with a strategy such as Redwood City high touch disinfection, this technology delivers exceptional performance that leaves buildings safe for all users throughout the day.

Let your users see how seriously you take hygiene with UCS high touch disinfection in Redwood City

While it is clear that electrostatic disinfection services in Redwood City offer an exceptional way to create hygienic, virus-free surfaces and workspaces that are ready for employees and customers to sue safely, there are still issues to overcome. As soon as users enter the building and begin interacting with commonly used surfaces such as door handles and so on, the risk of recontamination that can be picked up by other users appears.

It only takes a single infected person to leave traces of viruses or other contaminants around the building and for others to pick it up accidentally. That is where Redwood City high touch disinfection can help. This process focuses on those areas that most users will interact with. This includes door handles, reception areas, bathroom fittings such as dryers, kitchen areas for employees including the microwave controls and so on.

By providing frequent cleaning of these areas throughout the day, high touch disinfection in Redwood City prevents the build up of contaminants and avoids the spread of infections. However, it also benefits brand reputation as well. Today, many consumers are looking at brand’s reaction to the pandemic, the way they take measures to keep employees and customers safe, and they are making purchasing decisions based on that information.

With Redwood City high touch disinfection, you get excellent safety, but because this cleaning is delivered throughout the day, users can see that your business is actively taking care of them. This can give a confidence boost to employees, improving productivity, while also enhancing brand reputation with consumers, potentially leading to increased sales.