Electrostatic Disinfection Services San Carlos

With San Carlos high touch disinfection from UCS, every building can have a safe, hygienic environment for everyone

From its early days as a Spanish colony, the region around San Carlos has attracted some of the most discerning, forward-thinking people of the times. Today is no different, with leading genetics companies based in the city showing the world the future. But after the recent pandemic, as we continue to seek a route back to normal living, all businesses need to address the challenges that Covid has brought.

As a population, we are now more aware than ever of the importance of hygiene, especially in public spaces, and are looking to businesses to provide that safety within buildings. High touch disinfection in San Carlos is one part of that, offering a service that maintains the most used areas, cleaning regularly to ensure that as the building is used, those areas do not become a haven for contaminants that can be passed on to others. When combined with technology-led cleaning such as electrostatic disinfection services in San Carlos, it provides a comprehensive solution for preparing and maintaining any building.

San Carlos high touch disinfection focuses on areas of high traffic, where just one infected person could leave traces of the virus or other organism on the surface ready to be accidentally picked up by others, infecting them in the process. These are things like door handles, bathroom fittings, lift controls and so on. In this way, with high touch disinfection in San Carlos being carried out frequently through the day, you can maintain a hygienic environment even with many users in your building.

Just as importantly, with this process taking place as the building is being used, it allows employees and customers to see that your business is taking action to maintain that healthy, safe environment. This not only inspires confidence in employees, but can improve brand reputation too, as many consumers are placing value on business that work to maintain a safe space for them.

Take control of your pandemic response with San Carlos electrostatic disinfection services from UCS

Whether it is continued high touch disinfection in San Carlos throughout the day, or a need to deep clean every surface to create a completely virus and contaminant free environment before people begin using the building, there are several challenges facing any janitorial service. Viruses and other organisms that can cause health issues can survive dormant on surfaces for a significant time, so must be completely neutralized on any deep clean. They are also small, and missing just one part of a surface can leave those organisms behind.

But in a modern building, there are so many surfaces, with different materials and complex shapes, that a traditional approach would be a very slow and lengthy operation to ensure every inch of surface was covered. That would also make it very expensive for businesses too, but there is another approach. Using the latest specialized equipment, electrostatic disinfection services in San Carlos ensure that every part of a surface is properly treated, and it does so much faster than the traditional cleaning approach too.

Operators use specialized applicators that add an electrical charge to the disinfectant as it is sprayed, causing it to be magnetically attracted to the surface, spreading into a thin layer that covers every inch. It does this automatically, so operators can have confidence every part of every surface is deep cleaned. This is how San Carlos electrostatic disinfection services eliminates viruses and other contaminants quickly and reliably. When combined with a strategy for high touch disinfection in San Carlos, it means the highest standards of hygiene at all times, giving all users confidence in the space and boosting brand reputation.