Electrostatic Disinfection Services San Mateo

Enjoy the confidence of virus free buildings quickly and effectively from UCS electrostatic disinfection services in San Mateo

As with many cities in this region, San Mateo has developed into a technology hub, with many global brands calling it home over the years, from YouTube to Roblox, Sony Interactive Entertainment and GoPro. In this sense, this is a community that is used to cutting edge technology and new innovation, and as we move past the pandemic that approach is needed for janitorial solutions as well.

New innovations, such as San Mateo electrostatic disinfection services, deliver improved cleaning performance and solve existing problems for janitorial requirements caused by the pandemic. One of the crucial things we all learned during this time was the process of transmission, and how easy it is to do in a shared space like an office, store or other commercial premises. Because viruses and other organisms can survive dormant on surfaces for days or even weeks, waiting to be picked up by someone else accidentally, thoroughly sanitizing all surfaces to eliminate dormant viruses is essential.

But until recently this has been a labor intensive, slow process as every inch of any surface has to be covered by the operator. Electrostatic disinfection services in San Mateo change all that. By applying a charge to the disinfectant as it is sprayed, this process causes the chemical to be attracted to the surface being cleaned. It will naturally form a thin layer covering every part of the surface, not only ensuring the surface is 100% treated, but speeding things up considerably too.

That helps with the cost, but above all ensures that all building users can be confident that every surface is virus free. That is great when the building is empty though, but as soon as people start using it, just one infected person can spread virus everywhere again. That is where high touch disinfection in San Mateo comes in.

Keeping your building clean with San Mateo high touch disinfection solutions from UCS

If we think about how a building is used and how virus and disease transmission work, then the areas that are most vulnerable to leaving virus or germs to be picked up by others are those that are most frequently used. Often called high touch areas, these include surfaces such as door handles or lift controls, or general areas such as bathrooms and employee kitchen areas.

The problem is, once a building is open and being used, anyone can unknowingly leave contaminants on these surfaces, with others picking them up and contracting diseases and viruses without ever knowing how it happened. High touch disinfection in San Mateo seeks to prevent this, as the process involves regular and thorough disinfection of those most frequently used surfaces at regular intervals during the day. This will prevent contaminant build up and avoid the issues that aid transmission.

When combined with San Mateo electrostatic disinfection services, this strategy delivers a confidence inspiring, hygienic environment that employees, customers and other building users can have confidence in. But more than the safety aspect, high touch disinfection in San Mateo has another advantage. Once of the key challenges for businesses is ensuring customers have confidence in using their buildings once again.

Many people are still unsure about large shared public spaces, but with San Mateo high touch disinfection, which is carried out during operations and is very visible, potential customers can easily see the steps being taken to maintain their safety, and that can be a very valuable boost for any business brand. With electrostatic disinfection services in San Mateo alongside this frequent cleaning process, any business has the complete strategy to deliver trust and confidence for all building users.