Electrostatic Disinfection Services San Ramon

Maintaining cleanliness throughout your building with San Ramon high touch disinfection from UCS

From the early Southern Pacific Railroad to the Chevron Corporation today, San Ramon has always been part of the journey of industry leaders, a place of innovation and success. Post-pandemic, as the need to rebuild trust and confidence with the public is a challenge every business faces in creating safe shared spaces, that innovative approach means embracing new technologies and processes for quality cleaning.

San Ramon electrostatic disinfection services deliver quick, effective sanitation of surfaces to prepare any building for use, but once the doors open, any visitor could introduce a contaminant virus or germ without even knowing. The answer to this problem is high touch disinfection in San Ramon, which provides ongoing cleaning of frequently used areas.

When in use, the most common scenario for a virus or disease spreading is that someone has contaminant on their hands from coughing or whatever, and deposits it on the surfaces they touch in the building. These deposits are then picked up by other users as they touch those surfaces afterwards.

For this to happen, both he infected person, and those that pick up their virus, must touch the same surfaces, and this will most commonly occur in the most frequently used areas and surfaces. That means door handles, reception desks, bathroom areas and so on. These surfaces and areas that building users will frequently interact with are know as high touch surfaces.

As a result, the solution, that offers frequent cleaning of these surfaces while the building is in use to prevent contaminant buildup, is known as high touch disinfection in San Ramon. This effective strategy is also visible for building users, further boosting confidence in the business’ commitment to providing a safe space for customers. For maximum effectiveness, combining this with the latest innovations such as San Ramon electrostatic disinfection services ensures that the building can stay virus free even when in use.

Eliminate all viruses and germs with electrostatic disinfection services in San Ramon from UCS

In any post-pandemic janitorial strategy, the beginning is a completely clean, virus free environment, and because these organisms can remain dormant on surfaces for days and even weeks, this means disinfecting every surface. That is a significant challenge and until now has been a lengthy process requiring each surface to be completely disinfected by hand. However, San Ramon electrostatic disinfection services change that.

The disinfectant is applied with specialized sprayers that add an electrical charge to the liquid disinfectant as it is applied. This causes the chemical to be attracted to the surface, forming a thin layer with 100% coverage. This saves time and ensures the very best results at the same time. Because it is so effective, electrostatic disinfection services in San Ramon are an essential part of the pandemic response for every business.

As cleaning experts, UCS have been heavily involved in a brad range of Covid response initiatives, and by adopting this kind of innovative technology have seen great success for businesses of all sizes. By combining these cutting-edge techniques with advanced processes such as San Ramon high touch disinfection solutions, UCS delivers comprehensive, tailored janitorial services that not only meet the pandemic response needs of businesses of all sizes, but do so in a budget-friendly, practical and easily integrated service that can be trusted to deliver when it matters.

From high touch disinfection in San Ramon to the latest electrostatic application, UCS remains at the forefront of janitorial solutions, delivering exceptional outcomes for all businesses as they seek to rebuild customer confidence and deliver the safe, hygienic environments that can bring us back to normality.