Electrostatic Disinfection Services Woodland

Deep clean your building with quality Woodland electrostatic disinfection from UCS

Part of California’s history from its 1850 founding, Woodland is a city that has grown continually throughout, and it’s easy to see why. With great communication links and a community that have always taken on any challenge, it is a city that embraces success. Today, a new challenge faces businesses in Woodland and across the world, dealing with the consequences of Covid-19. We all know that means eliminating the virus from any shared space, with new techniques designed to get this done quickly and safely, electrostatic disinfection in Woodland is the best option to accomplish that.

Because viruses and bacteria are so small, they can survive unseen in any crack or crevice on any surface, and then be passed on to someone as they touch it. Modern disinfectants can eliminate viruses like Covid-19, but until now ensuring that every inch of a surface has been covered has been difficult. Woodland electrostatic disinfection addresses that problem by using technology. As the disinfectant chemical is applied, it is given an electric charge that causes it to be drawn to the surface, forming a thin layer that covers everything. In this way, building can be fully disinfected much more quickly, minimizing disruption without compromising performance.

This approach is the core of the UCS covid safe strategy, and one that is proven to be highly effective. However, while this provides a clean, virus free space, as soon as your employees and customers begin using the building again, the potential for transmission returns. To combat this, UCS also recommends regular cleaning of high traffic areas throughout the working day, preventing virus buildup. For businesses in Woodland high touch disinfection is the other key aspect of the UCS covid safety strategy for your building.

Keep your building Covid safe with high touch disinfection in Woodland from UCS

One of the biggest issues in dealing with Covid-19 is that even those without symptoms can transmit it. That means anyone who uses your building, no matter how healthy they appear, could be carrying the virus, leaving it on surfaces they touch and so on. That means that you cannot simply rely on Woodland electrostatic disinfection to maintain a covid safe environment. As soon as people use the space, they may be reinfecting the area. If we think about how a building is used, then the most likely areas to be contaminated are those most frequently used by multiple people. This includes reception areas, bathrooms and so on, with particular surfaces such as door handles being especially vulnerable. To combat this, UCS high touch disinfection in Woodland delivers ongoing cleaning support throughout the day to maintain hygiene levels and prevent buildup of viruses, bacteria and other contaminants.

As building maintenance professionals, UCS utilizes fully trained staff and the latest equipment, materials and techniques to deliver superior cleaning performance. Our Woodland high touch disinfection services are part of that, with exceptional results that maintain the hygienic work environment that your employees expect.

There is another benefit to regular maintenance of these high use areas though, and that is the perception of both employees and customers. Seeing regular high touch disinfection in Woodlandgives everyone within your building confidence in your commitment to safety. From boosting employee morale to building trust with customers, this process adds to your reputation and improves overall brand image.

By combining an extensive initial clean with ongoing maintenance, UCS provide a complete covid safe strategy for your business. Using the latest in cleaning technology for superior performance, we ensure that you can focus on business growth, confident that your building essentials are taken care of by our team of trained professionals.