High Touch Electrostatic Disinfection Old Sacramento

Make sure your workspace is covid safe with UCS electrostatic disinfection in Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento has a well-earned reputation for its connection to history and vibrant, inclusive community. As a fantastic place to live, it makes a great location for building a business too, and many have done just that. As with any business, maintaining the right image is all important, whatever the size or even industry or market involved, and as such janitorial services in have always been important.

However with the Covid-19 pandemic, things changed, and today the cleanliness of any building is more important than ever. Deep cleaning is crucial in ensuring that any interior space if free of virus, bacteria and other contaminants, but it doesn’t stop there. High touch disinfection in Old Sacramento keeps those areas used most often by multiple people, such as receptions, doorways, kitchen areas in your staff spaces and so on. This boosts safety and enables your employees and customers to trust the business approach to the pandemic and gives peace of mind for every visitor.

Importantly, these visible cleaning processes boost your brand image, giving everyone who visits the premises confidence in the Covid response. With new cleaning approaches such as electrostatic disinfection Old Sacramento businesses have the readymade, turnkey solutions to keep any interior space hygienically clean, providing a comprehensive solution for a covid safe business.

Keeping your building safe with UCS high touch disinfection in Old Sacramento

With the latest cleaning technology deployed to deliver virus-free environments that employees and customers can use with confidence, there is also a need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout the day too. Some surfaces, such as door handles, can be touched by many individuals in a short space of time, creating a potential transmission point for viruses, bacteria and so on. Known as high touch areas, these surfaces need more than a regular deep clean with the rest of the building, but a dedicated cleaning regime.

UCS provide high touch disinfection in Old Sacramento that achieves this, not only providing an effective cleaning regime that keeps such surfaces safe throughout the day, but bydelivering visible confirmation of the covid-safe measures being taken, giving confidence to visitors and employees and boosting your brand image.

In addition to those very visible cleaning solutions to deliver ongoing hygiene focused care for high traffic areas, specialized deep cleaning is needed on a regular basis for all surfaces and areas of any building. Technology has driven new approaches here, with electrostatic disinfection in Old Sacramento being an approach that both improves performance and helps deliver safe environments faster. This system places an electrical charge on the disinfectant particles as they are sprayed onto a surface. This causes the disinfectant to spread to every part of the surface, creating a thin film that covers everything. This enables a more thorough disinfection process that delivers improved results, while enabling faster coverage and quicker cleaning.

For businesses in Old Sacramento electrostatic disinfection means peace of mind from the highest standards of cleaning in a safe and reliable process. Paired with ongoing cleaning maintenance, such as the UCS high touch disinfection Old Sacramento businesses can benefit from, there is a complete, turnkey solution for janitorial services that deliver the Covid safe workspace that businesses need.

Dealing with both the threat of Covid and the well-founded fears of employees and customers means having a comprehensive strategy that includes regular deep cleaning of all areas, sanitation of high traffic areas throughout the day, and the use of the very best technology and materials to ensure superior results every time. UCS bring all that together for you, so you can focus on your business, while we take care of your building.