What Commercial and Residential Janitorial Services in Sunnyvale Entail

What Commercial and Residential Janitorial Services in Sunnyvale Entail

Janitorial services are among the services that no Sunnyvale resident can stay without. They guarantee clean places that are safe for human use and carrying out daily activities. Whether it is a home or a commercial area, it is important to keep it clean by seeking janitorial services. 

The commercial janitorial services in Sunnyvale are quite many including floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, scheduled office cleaning, exterior cleaning and building maintenance among others. During floor cleaning, a trusted janitorial services provider will work on all the floors in a commercial premise leaving them sparkling and the same will apply in restroom cleaning though it will not only be the floors but the whole washroom area. Scheduled office cleaning will involve cleaning everything in an office on a regular basis.

On the other hand, residential janitorial services are offered to homes. From the sitting room to the bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen janitorial services will render your home clean. Carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and window cleaning are some of the services residential janitorial services will involve.

One-time cleanups for both homes and commercial premises are also provided such as in times of disaster or post-construction cleaning.

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