Parking lot sweeping, cleaning important

Parking lot sweeping, cleaning important

Cleaning, sweeping should extend to parking lots

Just like cleaning roads, parking lot sweeping and cleaning is very important. Other than the obvious cleanliness, this task offers more benefits to homeowners, employees and customers using parking areas. The ambient air quality is improved as this task reduces inhalable particulates on the ground. In fact, sweeping parking lots is included in the sanitary programs of many municipalities. Aside from reducing air pollutants, parking lot sweeping also improves water quality. When it rains, toxic wastes from vehicles and other debris can make their way to bodies of water after they go through the sewage system. In the end, these toxic wastes can harm fish and other wildlife, and worsen the water quality. Bodies of water can be unsafe for swimming or source of drinking water while fish will not be advisable for eating due to high toxin content. Parking lot sweeping can minimize the wear and tear of parking area surfaces. Dust, dirt and other debris can cause abrasion on concrete and asphalt when passed by vehicles or stepped on. Later on, these abrasions can become cracks which will have to be patched up by cement or asphalt.

Sweeping, cleaning make good impression

Sweeping and cleaning make a good impression on your customers and help keep your interior spaces free from tracked in grit and other dirt. Keeping all outside areas clean and properly maintained is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element of successful business property management. Sweeping also protects property value and parking lot longevity, allows proper storm water control and reduced pollutant runoff and limits premise liability and safety hazards. The quiet and powerful vacuum sweeper trucks easily remove leaves, cigarette butts, paper, plastic, cans, glass, and other debris. Larger debris is hand picked, while environmentally friendly backpack blowers deliver precise cleansing for sidewalks and curbs. Pressure washing and changing trash can liners complete the cleaning process. An inspection with each visit guarantees the best look and longevity for your property.

Sweeping vehicles have advantage

Using the latest type of parking area sweeping vehicles is cheaper than manual sweeping. Purchasing these powerful vehicles may cost a lot but this is offset by the low maintenance and longer life span of these vehicles. And compared to manual sweeping, these vehicles can do a more efficient and effective job in just one pass.

Striping service sometimes included

Along with sweeping services, a striping service is sometimes offered by companies. A clean parking lot is one thing, but a clearly marked one can also assure greater safety and code compliance. Some companies may also stripe lots with the latest durable applications.

Results of not sweeping, cleaning

By not keeping a parking lot clean, traffic, activity and the weather cause loose gravel, grit, dirt, trash, and debris to accumulate on the surface. Left untreated, this will eventually lead to damage to the parking lot’s surface, an increase in shedding, alligatoring, pot holes and an overall quicker erosion of a parking lot. The life of pavement, striping, and seal coating on a parking lot’s surface will be greatly diminished by the abrasive qualities of gravel, grit, and dirt that will accumulate on the surface of the asphalt due to foot and vehicle traffic. Other materials such as broken glass, paper, and loose leaves will chemically react with surface water and aid in the breakdown of your parking lot’s surface. Other results of not keeping a parking lot clean have to do with safety issues that could lead to injuries. Another factor could  be loss of business. Customers are likely to feel intimidated by a filthy parking lot and may think twice about patronizing a business with a poorly maintained parking area.

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